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 SCL general rules

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PostSubject: SCL general rules   Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:25 am

Ok, everyone welcome to the new site Shadow Caster Legion before you get to chatting and trading and battling here's some ground rules. Read them and try not to break them...

1.Have fun. The whole point of this site is to make sure our members enjoy every second of their time on it.

2.NO SPAMMING!!! If you are a new member we will let it slide for a bit, until we feel you've had enough time to get this rule down.

3.No cussing...any word beyond "Bitch" is counted as an innappropriate term for the site. other than that try not to cuss that often Razz

4.Post things that fit in the forum you're posting them in, I'd prefer not to see "pokemon for trade" in the music section.

5.Dont revive old topics. its really annoying so please dont do it

Well that's about it, you guys are lucky becuase we happen to have the best admins ever so we'll probably be more laid back then other sites but that doesn't mean we'll let everything slide. Good luck and enjoy Shadow Caster.
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SCL general rules
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